Steel Detailing

The structural steel detailing industry is raising the bar with its demands on speed, quality and price; is continually exceeding expectations. provides high quality steel detailing services to architects, engineers and steel fabricators serving the residential, commercial, infrastructure and industrial segments of the AEC industry.

Our X-Steel based 3D solid modeling system enables us to prepare a 3D model of the complete steel structure including all relevant information required for ordering, fabrication and erection.

Steel Detailing Outsourcing Tennessee

We specialize in steel bridge detailing, steel fabrication detailing, Stru Cad 3D and structural steel design work. Our staff works with client design teams worldwide to produce electronic models and layout drawings, electronic lists of project materials and detailed drawings and reports for construction purposes. Steel fabrication drawings are prepared using AutoCAD and detailed using proprietary software where necessary, attaining client standards by ensuring high accuracy, and efficient production.

All drawings, material lists and bolt lists are produced automatically from the 3D model together with data for CNC machinery. Our structural steel detailing service includes provision of 3D general arrangements, assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials, anchor bolt layouts, material order lists, member preparation details, fitting sheets, and CNC information.

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