Building Information Modeling [BIM]

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a revolutionary tool being used by progressive firms in the AEC industry worldwide.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a report entitled “Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry” (NIST GCR 04-867 (PDF)). Its conclusion: at least $15.8 billion is lost annually by the U.S. capital facilities industry resulting from inadequate interoperability due to “the highly fragmented nature of the industry, the industry‚Äôs continued paper based business practices, a lack of standardization, and inconsistent technology adoption among stakeholders”.

BIM India

BIM effectively combines 3D geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, material quantities and attributes of building components. When integrated, this data to demonstrates the entire building lifecycle, including the various processes of construction and facility operation. uses auto desk REVIT as primary software application to perform building information modeling (BIM). Output to clients include a detailed 3D Model as well as construction drawings. provides accurate and efficient BIM services where 3D model-based technology is linked with a database of project information. This enables our clients to save time, and money by gaining significant construction efficiencies throughout the life cycle of the project.

BIM Outsourcing is setting the standard in BIM support services and interoperability ensuring the highest quality in modeling development and management, embedding information, design coordination, clash detection and conflict resolution.

Our BIM services are repeatedly benefiting our clients through better visualization, improved productivity due to easy retrieval of information, increased coordination of construction documents, embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and quantities required for estimation and tendering, increased speed of delivery and reduced overall costs.

Building Information Modeling [BIM]


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