BIM and MEP Coordination are critical to profitability and success in Construction Projects

Building Methods and processes have evolved significantly over the past 20 years. These changes have been driven primarily due to improved quality standards in construction projects and a sharp focus on reducing expenses and increasing the bottom-line.

Critical review of traditional construction projects by experts has revealed several areas in construction that result in “wastage” and “duplication” of efforts. This is particularly evident in cases where the general contractor upon being awarded the project, hires MEP sub-contractors who each prepare their shop drawings and construction sets independently and realize significant clashes in the field requiring on-site re-work, adjustments and corrections resulting in added costs and time to complete the project.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and MEP Coordination have emerged as a required and proven remedy to the above problem.
Shortly after issuance of project contracts to individual trade contractors, each contractor is responsible to submit “Projected As Built Drawings” (PABD’) to the General Contractor or Project Management Consultant.

The GC or PM then overlays all of the submitted PABD’s using CAD and is able to identify construction clashes, interferences and conflicts amongst the trades. These conflicts are efficiently and effectively resolved through BIM and MEP Coordination methods.

Once the resolved final overlays are produced, each contractor receives a set and is expected to follow these drawings during construction. Periodically during the project the various contractors re-submit PABD’s (on a weekly basis on larger projects) so the construction drawings can be further updated.

While it appears that the BIM and MEP Coordination process and system can be tedious and time consuming, in effect it is a very productive and effective system used to keep the project moving forward without delays and re-work. has been a pioneer in successfully executing BIM and MEP Coordination projects, working with General Contractors, Project Consultant firms as well as individual trade contractors. For more details, please visit or call (773) 417-0253.

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