CAD Applications in Solar Energy Industry – The Future is Bright!

Solar energy has become an increasingly important part of our energy future. In 2013, 29 percent of new electricity-generating capacity in the U.S. was solar energy, and in 2014, over 36 percent of new capacity was solar generated.

Experts say falling costs and improving technology will drive wider adoption, and that 2015 could be a tipping point, bringing the solar industry to new parts of the country.
While residential solar is generating most of the “energy” and attention in the media, large utility-scale projects are also being launched across the country. These projects account for over half of all solar installed, and states not associated with sunshine are also starting to see solar growth.

As solar companies are preparing to meet the current and upcoming demand for Solar panel Installations, they are looking at companies like to help in the assessment, preparation and execution of Solar projects in specific sites. is a pioneer in the Solar CAD support services industry and works with some of the largest Solar energy installation companies in the U.S and worldwide to prepare detailed Site Maps in CAD and PDF format as well as Electrical Line Diagrams showing specific Designs for effective Installation of Solar Panels. This type of Solar CAD support goes beyond simple conversion from paper and rough sketches to CAD. It involves a deep understanding of Solar installation design methods and applications as well as rules and design regulations governing specific states in the U.S.
Solar companies are able to take advantage of such CAD back office support to assist their sales, design and operations teams. They are able to successfully bid and close on several new projects based on Site Maps provided by Solar installation projects that have been approved by customers are executed based on detailed Construction Documents prepared by while ensuring high quality, timeliness and low-cost required to keep overall solar installation costs competitive.

These proven and efficient Solar CAD support services from enable its Solar industry clients to keep up with as well as expand their installation volumes and grow into new markets while keeping overall project costs low, thereby introducing Solar power options to scores of new customers resulting in a win-win for all parties involved.

For more details on how is providing CAD services support to the Solar Energy industry, please visit or call (773) 417-0253.

BIM and MEP Coordination are critical to profitability and success in Construction Projects

Building Methods and processes have evolved significantly over the past 20 years. These changes have been driven primarily due to improved quality standards in construction projects and a sharp focus on reducing expenses and increasing the bottom-line.

Critical review of traditional construction projects by experts has revealed several areas in construction that result in “wastage” and “duplication” of efforts. This is particularly evident in cases where the general contractor upon being awarded the project, hires MEP sub-contractors who each prepare their shop drawings and construction sets independently and realize significant clashes in the field requiring on-site re-work, adjustments and corrections resulting in added costs and time to complete the project.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and MEP Coordination have emerged as a required and proven remedy to the above problem.
Shortly after issuance of project contracts to individual trade contractors, each contractor is responsible to submit “Projected As Built Drawings” (PABD’) to the General Contractor or Project Management Consultant.

The GC or PM then overlays all of the submitted PABD’s using CAD and is able to identify construction clashes, interferences and conflicts amongst the trades. These conflicts are efficiently and effectively resolved through BIM and MEP Coordination methods.

Once the resolved final overlays are produced, each contractor receives a set and is expected to follow these drawings during construction. Periodically during the project the various contractors re-submit PABD’s (on a weekly basis on larger projects) so the construction drawings can be further updated.

While it appears that the BIM and MEP Coordination process and system can be tedious and time consuming, in effect it is a very productive and effective system used to keep the project moving forward without delays and re-work. has been a pioneer in successfully executing BIM and MEP Coordination projects, working with General Contractors, Project Consultant firms as well as individual trade contractors. For more details, please visit or call (773) 417-0253.

Outsourcing CAD projects helps Architects and Engineers Facilitate Focus!

Over the last 30 years, CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) has enabled tremendous growth and evolution the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.  CAD methods have transformed what used to be a hand drawn, two dimensional and time consuming drafting process to a precision based, efficient, multi-dimensional process with a quick turnaround to design and generate construction documents, 3D models and shop drawings for Architects, Engineers and Contractors (AEC) across various trades.

Consequently, firms of all sizes in the AEC industry have implemented the latest CAD Drafting/Modeling and Engineering software processes and methods to remain competitive and improve the quality of their work output.

Organization, implementation and continuous improvement or migration to latest CAD platforms has proved to be a challenge for companies focused on the critical business elements of sales, design and execution. Building a Managed CAD platform in-house based on the latest industry standards and software can be an expensive proposition both in terms of people resources, time invested, software costs and additional support expenses.

As an alternative to in-house development of CAD environments, firms are actively outsourcing their CAD functions to companies like who specialize in providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective CAD back-office services. Industry Experts agree, Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly. It is sometimes more affordable to purchase a service from companies with comparative advantages than it is to produce the services internally.

Your competitors are taking advantage of the outsourcing phenomenon to optimize their business and CAD work processes. So what are you waiting for? Call (773) 417-0253 or visit to discuss how you can outsource you CAD related projects.

US Steel Fabricators Outsourcing Steel Detailing Services to India

Steel is critical to the growth and success of both developed and developing economies. In the United States, the importance of a strong and viable steel industry is recognized as key to economic and infrastructure security. The Steel industry in the United States employs about 120,000 skilled, efficient workers who use cutting edge technology and produce over $58 billion worth of high quality carbon, alloy and specialty steel products annually.

As the world’s appetite for steel continues to grow, Steel fabricators and building contractors across the globe are finding it increasingly challenging to support the steel demands of the infrastructure and construction industries.

Steel fabricators purchase steel and fabricate steel members specific to the architectural and structural design requirements of projects. A key aspect of Steel fabrication is Steel Detailing. All steel members required to build the structure are fabricated and erected from shop and erection drawings created by the structural steel detailer.

Steel detailers work closely with architects, engineers, general contractors and steel fabricators. They usually find employment with steel fabricators, engineering firms, or independent steel detailing companies.

As steel based construction projects are on the increase, steel fabricators are finding it increasingly difficult to find steel detailing firms who can deliver good quality drawings on time and within budget. Furthermore, there is concern that a majority of the existing U.S based steel detailing firms are small businesses serving the local demand and therefore unable to increase their production output or invest in expensive technology to upgrade to next generation steel detailing applications like X-Steel and SDS-2.

In order to meet existing fabrication demands and secure detailing assets for the future, Steel Fabrication companies are outsourcing the steel detailing project work to established steel detailing companies overseas in countries like India where professionals speak good English and are highly trained and experiences in the field of Structural steel design and detailing.

Also the slowing down of the U.S economy is contributing to the surge towards outsourcing in general to reduce overall costs and meet financial goals. Steel Fabrication firms in particular are increasingly outsourcing functions like Steel Detailing to companies overseas who can offer produce quality shop drawings for a bargain price when compared to similar costs of production in the U.S. This trend to outsource Steel Detailing is also considered a competitive edge among many Steel Fabricators across the U.S.

As a result, Steel Fabricators are turning to established Steel Detailing companies like TradiantCAD, a Chicago, IL, based company with operations in India, successfully serving Steel fabricators worldwide. Steel Detailing provides 24×7 technical support in the U.S and has the capacity and capability to handle multiple projects of various sizes and complexities simultaneously. With specialization and expertise in applications such as AutoCAD, X-Steel and SDS-2 and StruCAD, our dedicated and diligent staff works with client design teams worldwide to produce accurate electronic models and layout drawings, electronic lists of project materials and detailed shop drawings and reports for steel fabrication, erection and construction purposes. For more details, visit


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