3D CAD Visualization

TradiantCAD.com has turned a previously prohibitively expensive and exclusive high-tech art-form of Architectural 3D CAD visulaization into an affordable high quality architectural-sensory experience with mass appeal.

3D Home Modeling – We create 3D building models using AutoCAD/ADT before exporting them into 3D Studio Max (3DS Max) to create realistic rendered landscapes and buildings for visualization purposes. We model all aspects of building interiors whether this is for workplace automation for industrial premises or office layouts for commercial office premises. Once models are created we can provide high quality images for any perspective complete with relevant branding for general communication, planning or tender/bid presentation purposes.

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3D Walkthroughs & Flyovers – Following creation of 3D models using 3DS Max we create sophisticated audio video interleave (AVI) or Flash files following pre-defined routes for demonstration purposes. Realism is added to each AVI or Flash through the inclusion of vehicles, landscaping material and people. We can also provide a branded AVI or Flash complete with sound and voiceovers when required. Our flyovers and walkthroughs have already helped our customers to secure multi-million projects.

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3D Visualization & Animation

3D Renderings & Perspectives – We prepare high quality, affordable photorealistic 3D renderings and perspectives that brings your commercial and residential projects to life. Our low cost Renderings and 3D Perspective packages allow home builders and home owners alike to visualize the home in 3D and in the landscape setting and color scheme of their choice.

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Civil engineering application packages typically used at TradiantCAD.com are AutoCAD, Land Development Desktop, Civil 3D and Terramodel

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